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I have been charged with the solemn responsibility to prevent mediocrity; therefore I will hold myself and my students to the high standards in all of our interactions.


I set the highest standards for my students by my deeds and actions. I demand of them and demonstrate by my own example the highest standards of safety, personal conduct, morality, and professional skill. I provide a model of decorum and respect that guides my students as well as honors them. I am patient, understanding, and just, yet firm. I commend the deserving and encourage the wayward.


I am an educator. I change the world one student at a time. I develop my students into, law abiding, armed, citizens. With this right, comes a great deal of responsibility. I will endeavor to empress this responsibility to every student.


I am an educator dedicated to training my students to the best of my ability. I am resolute in teaching every student because I believe that every student can learn. I dedicate my time to my students’ development and advancement.


I am an educator by choice and not by chance. I will teach my class as if it is the most important class I'll ever teach. I am patient and enthusiastic.


I am a part of the education system. I will work as a team with my fellow instructors and training developers.


I affirm superlative expectations for myself and my students.


I accept the challenge to be knowledgeable, will actively pursue excellence for myself, and will endeavor to develop myself professionally through study and research.


I am forever conscious of the individuality of each student in my class and inspire each of them by my example to the highest standards possible.


I accept the responsibility to create a learning environment conducive to optimum achievement academically and socially.


The training and education of my students is my responsibility. Their successful performance is my own report card and ultimate reward.


― Confucius “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


We are Safe Training Instructors, for Rockford Concealed Carry, our job is our passion, we are exactly where we want to be.