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Rockford Illinois Concealed Carry with Safe Training Academy.


The Illinois State Police has certified Illinois Safe Training Academy for Illinois Concealed Carry.

Safe Training Academy by Rockford Concealed Carry curriculum has also been approved, so Rockford Concealed Carry is now offering both the full 16 hour training for the Illinois License to Carry, as well as the “second 8 hour” class for those who have credit for the first 8 hours. Rather than try and make a patchwork course for all the different 12hr options, and ask you to go through both classes. We will know for sure you will qualify because there are NO approved 12hr courses. People may say there are, but this is incorrect. The instructors do have some say in what counts, but we only want to go with what we are positive of at this point. (Edit) New options to sit for the first 4hrs of any of our fist 8hr classes to make your first 8hrs! This means if you have a qualifying 4hrs, that you need not sit through they entire 8hr class. You will come in for four hours and then leave and catch the second eight in another class.

To apply for your permit, you also need a valid, current FOID card issued from the Illinois State Police. This is not for the courses, but to apply for your permit. WARNING: If you do not have a FOID permit you can not transport firearms or ammunition! If you do not have one contact us about alternate options.


A copy ot the current concealed carry laws and prohibited places can be found here.


How many hours of training do I need for my Illinois License to Carry?


The law requires 16 hours of approved training.  but, there is “credit” for previous training as follows:

  • If you are a veteran, active duty, or reserve military, you are credited with 8 hours of training.
  • If you have a certificate from the NRA Basic Pistol Course, NRA Personal Protection In the Home, or NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home, you are credited with 8 hours of training. You are credited with 4 hours of training for the completion of each of the following courses. You get 4hrs of training for each course completed, not for each permit you have, you may not, double dip ergo Utah and Florida.


    • Illinois Hunter Safety Course
    • Utah Concealed Carry
    • Florida Concealed Carry
    • Nevada Concealed Carry
    • Missouri Concealed Carry
    • Kentucky Concealed Carry
    • Michigan Concealed Carry
    • Chicago Firearms Safety Course


What is The Best Course For the First 8 Hours?


The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course does satisfy the first 8 hours, but we feel we can better prepare you by including elements of that class with personal protection training and drawing from holster exercises. Since the NRA will not allow this we do not teach this class instead we have a hybrid course which better prepares you for day two. No BPC certificate is given for this class because we do not follow the NRA curriculum, With our class you get the best elements of the NRA class geared toward readying you for the second day with live fire and concealment. This class will help you immensely if you are a beginner, or even if you have been shooting for many years.


You will learn more than safety in our class.  You will learn how the proper fundamentals which is the key to all shooting activity and safety. This will increase your marksmanship, and help create the confidence to shoot accurately at close range with limited sight pictures. this is the key to defensive handgun skills. The act is part of what we describe as your natural aiming area. These are all skills that are critical for an Illinois Concealed Carry Class.



What states can I carry in with an Illinois permit, what about Utah and Florida?


Twenty-nine states have recognized Illinois permits. Click the link below for the most common permits and what states will honor those permits.


Illinois Reciprocity, Florida Reciprocity, Utah Reciprocity. (Click)





About Your Illinois Concealed Carry Instructors


James Thompson is a Certified NRA Firearms Instructor, NRA Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home and also a NRA Chief Range officer. This means I can train others to be range officers. I've been shooting and training for 40yrs and I am a USPSA Grand Master which is the pinnacle of action pistol shooting. I have a good sense of humor and realize that nobody knows everything and we must be diligent against accidents caused by complacency. I love to teach and it shows in the interest we take in making every class better than the last.


Dave Sharp Bio Coming soon




We have a no refund policy, you may reschedule one time, if you do not make that class you forfeit your fees.


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