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Hello Students!

We have had some great classes thus far, but we are always striving to improve! To that end we have taken some of the questions from students and are making a section for students to get answers to commonly asked questions. We are not lawyers, but do the best we can in vetting any information here. Please consult your own attorney too!

Our friends at Illinois Gun Laws have some great resources, rather than pilfer or plagiarize, here's a link: Click here


Lawyers versed in State and Federal laws concerning firearms:


Jack Zaremba (Joliet)

Katz Law Office (Chicago)

Kathryn Harry (Napervill and Oakbrook)

Zuelke Law (Saint Charles and Aurora)

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Common Questions


Can I carry an loaded gun in my car now?

Not without a Illinois State CC permit. You can, with a valid FOID card carry a firearm and a loaded magazine in your glove box or in your center console, provided the magazine is not in the magazine well and no round is in the chamber or cylinder and the console or glove box is completely closed. In other words, you can have a loaded magazine in the same place as the gun, make sure there is no way it might rattle, or be vibrate inside the well. The law says it must not be inside the well and I take that to mean even a a fraction could get you arrested. See ISP rules here.


If you have children in the house up to the age of 14yrs, any firearms in the house must be secured so they may not access them.


How do I know if the instructor is qualified and certified to teach Illinois Concealed Carry?

There are many instructors out there who have the bare minimum required to teach the class. (NRA Basic Pistol Class) In that class they aren't even ALLOWED to use holsters. Why are they then certified to teach concealed carry? That's a very good question. Our lead instructors have gone well beyond the minimums. We have been certified to teach people to draw from holsters and how to defend themselves with them. AKA NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home and Outside the Home. These classes teach you how to defend yourself with a firearm. The NRA Basic Class does no such thing and if that is the only instruction your teacher has I would consider taking the class from someone approved to teach drawing from a concealment holster. A teacher should never point a real or demo gun at a student, should you witness such a thing, I would immediately ask for a refund and leave class. This has already happened and been caught on the news. This is the type of thing that can happen when an instructor is not properly trained.


To check and see if an instructor is certified by the Illinois State Police you may look here: Click for Search

Remember, this only means they have the bare minimum to qualify for teaching the class! We have the proper training, if you use someone else, make sure they do too!


What are the concealed carry laws and prohibited places for concealed carry?  Click here to download pdf.


What about finger-prints?

Where can I carry?


Check back Often as we will add more to this when we get time.